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I Have A Dream
Subject: I Have A Dream
Send date: 2009-03-25 10:50:29
Issue #: 2
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Hello [NAME],


I Have a dream 
Martin Luther King 1963.
To some their best ideas come to them in the shower, to others it’s when they are at the Gym, mine, they come to haunt me at night just before I go to sleep, but the ones worth following up always come in ‘dream time’.
I am at my favourite networking group for Women in Business and the room is full to listen to our guest speaker. We all have a thousand questions to ask and wait anxiously. The answers to these questions will give us a good night’s sleep and feed our ‘knowledge hungry’ minds...............
When I first decided to set up in business for myself, it was the start of an exciting yet somehow scary journey, this didn’t put me off, instead I felt super charged and it fuelled my desire for control: self control and being in control of my own future. Sound familiar?
I learnt very quickly that I needed other people: I needed to surround myself with like-minded individuals who have or are walking in my shoes, so I could learn from their mistakes and their accomplishments – I learnt that I could not and should not do everything myself, I had to give away some of my control in order to have the freedom to move forward – onwards and upwards. This was difficult for me and none more so than when it came to doing my accounts. 
Accounts, just the word conjures up all waves of emotions – how much have I earned, did I over-spend, where did my sources come from, what do I need to re-evaluate? A million questions, all valid, and all important. 
Every month I’d sit and systematically and methodically do my books and bash away on my calculator to get my final totals. The process was unexciting, time-consuming, but hugely important. At the end of the my tax year, I’d march off to my accountants, present my fabulous book-keeping effort and he’d hand me a bill for £350. FOR WHAT? The self assessment tax thing is done on-line and according to the tax office takes about 30 minutes for an amateur to complete, the figures are all in front of him, carefully added up and all invoices and receipts in order, along with cheque books and bank statements.
So how is my hard earned money now working for me – well its sitting very nicely on his lovely mahogany desk and I look back at his lovely office as I drive away on his beautiful driveway. Good luck to him; he works hard and long hours and trained for years to be in this position.
Well so did I.... I trained for years too; I work hard and long hours as I sit at my melamine desk 6 days a week. I charge a fair hourly rate for a great service – one which really helps others to grow and I struggle to come to terms with how my accountant justifies his fee to me. I bet I’m not alone either. 
When it comes to my accounts, I want to stay in control, but I’m scared to the point of breaking out in hives of making a costly mistake or feeling like I’m on my own, with no-one to turn to for help, guidance and a bounty of accountants knowledge. .....well not anymore.....for I followed that dream.........
MVC wants to and is going to make a difference.... our dream is to give the sole-trader and small business the best of both worlds. Doing our own accounts; saving lots of money; using a time-saving method; having help on hand; knowledge at our fingertips and at the end of the year, an accountant to look over our year long efforts and tell us how to do it better; how to save more money without presenting a huge bill, which was the whole reason for doing our own accounts in the first place!
........... I look around the room, at all the expectant faces as our guest speaker takes to the podium. I wonder how many of us have the same question. We are all singing from the same hymn book, and now we have ‘the power of the masses’. So why are we here? Simple – we all need to do our accounts, but rather than everyone adopting different techniques such as Sage, QuickBooks, intuit, Excel mock-ups, or paper double-entry systems; shoe-box filing; Complex systems or useless for providing detailed reports.
Not anymore, now we are ‘all’ using the same system, so we all learn from each other, we all support each other and can answer each other’s questions. We all use the ‘same’ qualified accountant who is trained on ‘our’ system, to work with ‘us’ and we all pull together to save us all MONEY and TIME. At the end of the year, ‘OUR’ accountant, signs our individual books off for a small modest fee – True Buying Power of the Masses, rather than the expenditure of the singular. It works for others – why not for us – let’s really start to Network on a higher level.
By the end of the evening, we are supercharged, more knowledgeable and most importantly – still in control and satisfied that we have found our perfect ACCOUNTING SOLUTION. It simply doesn’t get better than this.
If you share this dream with me – please take a look MVC Accounting Solutions it costs nothing to test drive and will take you one step further to making our dream become a reality. 
Thank you
Tracy Harris